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We prepare under-resourced students to write excellent college application essays.  

We teach techniques and provide insights developed through years of experience.


We maintain a singular focus on one of the most critical elements of college admissions.  


Essays can make or break a college application. It is our hope that the excellence of our students' essays will result in higher acceptance rates and more scholarships awarded.  

We provide writing instruction and editorial assistance for the following: 

  • Personal Statement (650-word Common App/Coalition App essay)

  • Supplemental Essays (50-550 word essays required by individual colleges)

  • Letters of Continued Interest (for waitlisted students)

  • Scholarship Application Essays

Group Workshops

Often the first exposure to the college essay writing process for rising seniors, our group workshops introduce students to this unique challenge and prepare them to write efficiently and effectively.

One-on-One Coaching

Every student brings a unique set of skills and insights to the writing process. We pair students with coaches who will assess their readiness and respond with the instruction that best serves their needs.   

Guided Brainstorming

Using exercises developed by some of the best thinkers in the field, we help students focus on the critical elements of a great essay and identify powerful, meaningful topics that illustrate their truth.

Weekly Check-ins

Teenagers have busy lives. Weekly check-ins provide milestones to keep work progressing toward deadlines, and help students identify small issues before they become larger problems.    

Structuring the Essay 

Great essays require mindful preparation. We encourage students to test their topics for maximum interest and impact before they begin writing, a process that results in greater creativity.

Polish and Submit

Good writing emerges from editing and re-writing, and rarely from a first draft. We challenge students to raise their essays to the highest quality possible before submitting them to colleges.