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Applying to college can be one of the most exciting things a student does - and one of the most stressful. We focus on one element of that, application essays, and provide pro quality coaching to students who cannot hire private coaches.


Many schools struggle to provide basic services to their students, let alone the highly specialized enhancements that wealthy or private schools offer. With ratios of up to 400 students for every college counselor, they cannot read every college essay or guide students to the best possible topics.

Meanwhile, some families hire professional coaches who know exactly how their children can frame their accomplishments in the best possible light. I know, because I am one of those coaches. I founded Equal Edge to provide talented but under-resourced students with the same competitive advantage enjoyed by their more fortunate counterparts.  

We are focused on one thing: college application essays. Even more than standardized tests, essays are vulnerable to the latent and often unconscious biases of those who read them, as reported by The New York Times. Equal Edge exists to help underserved students navigate that minefield and achieve their college dreams.

Mike Demilio


2021 was our first year of operations. Our strategy is to build relationships with as many organizations as we can, while serving a select few students from each one during this startup phase.


We hope to lay a solid foundation for growth without compromising the quality of service we provide to each student. As we grow, we will prepare our volunteer essay coaches to meet this high standard of service. 

Atlanta is our home base, but we work with organizations from across the United States. Our goal is to serve wherever there are students striving to reach their full potential.